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My Therapies


All therapy sessions are designed to enhance emotional wellbeing and bring balance, relaxation, energy, and harmony in and between the mind, body and spirit.

The main techniques used are Breathing & Meditation to bring Prana (energy) and awareness to the body, and to be in one with your consciousness. Believing that we all have the potential to increase inner strength and power, the goal here is to help unlock this power through these holistic therapy sessions.


My holistic sessions will help in mental disturbances, spiritual ailments and energy unbalance, while also working on your breathing patterns, awareness, your mind's focus, and control. 

Sounds, crystal stones and massage techniques are also used in the sessions to cleanse the energy shield that covers our body and to unblock the major energy banks from suppressed negative disturbances. A state of good health and wellbeing is achieved when our mind is clear and our body is energetically balanced.

Meditation Therapy

Healing through meditation

This session is filled with breathing and meditation techniques to create an energised and aware state of mind that will help in bringing emotional, physical, mental and spiritual wellbeing. This is profound mind work that will help with stress reduction and will bring concentration, relaxation, inner peace, mental focus, and stability.

This session and includes:

  • Pranayama/Conscious breathing, 

  • Mantra chanting 

  • Visualization 

  • Sound healing

  • Guided meditation




In person 



Reiki Therapy

Reiki Healing

Reiki is an ancient Japanese energy healing  practice, where the therapist uses their hands as a channel to connect and transfer reiki energy from the universe towards the clients body to help to heal a physical or mental ailment.

Distant Reiki

30min- £20

In person Reiki 

60 min - £40


  • Conscious breathing

  • Aura cleansing

  • Reiki 


Intuitive readings

Intuitive cards reading is a practice used to connect us to our inner wisdom. It is a tool used for spiritual guidance and support in life. 

It helps the person receiving the reading to understand about a certain situation, past, present or future. This practice will not reveal your future, it will only help you navigating through a life's situation. In these readings we will be using Tarot cards and a deck of 'playing' cards. 

This session includes:

  • Pranayama/ conscious breathing

  • Aura Cleansing

  • Readings using Tarot and/or Cards Deck


 75min - £45

 45min - £25

Cartomancy and Tarot readings

Chakras Therapy

Chakras Care

In this treatment, the goal is to restore your emotional and spiritual wellbeing opening and balancing our main chakras.  we will be cleansing and purifying the body releasing unwanted energies while bringing awareness and relaxation to your mind. This package combines holistic techniques that will help you heal the energy disturbances in your body, mind and soul, giving you a more stable, replenished and grounded state of self. 

Please note that Chakra work is a self work, meaning that only you have the power to move, intensify, open, close and balance your chakras, its an intentional work. As your therapist my job will be to provide you with the techniques to help you in working with your chakras.


This is a package has a duration of 60 minutes and includes:

  • Relaxation/Conscious breathing, 

  • Aura cleansing  

  • Chakras mantra chanting 

  • Sound healing (singing bowl on every chakra), 

  • Guided Meditation/ Visualization

  • Relaxation and Reiki.




In person 



This therapy consists of holistic sounds and music to bring relaxation to the mind while relieving blocked tension in the body. Using breathing techniques, mantra chanting, drums, nepali singing bowls, tuning forks, on or near the body, increases the good vibration levels in the body and supports in reaching higher state of consciousness. The waves of energy created by the vibration from the sounds  ignites the energy field in our bodies that brings relaxation, balance and a state of strength and wellbeing for the mind, body, and soul.

This session has a duration of 60 minutes and includes:

  • Relaxation: conscious breathing, 

  • Aura cleansing

  • Mantra chanting 

  • Tuning fork therapy

  • Singin bowls on and around the body

  • Drumming over the body  

  • Sound meditation.


In person  


Sound healing

Sound Therapy

Yoga Therapy

Hatha, Kundalini, Vinyasa and Restorative Yoga

Yoga therapy is a combination of Yoga, Ayuverda and other alternative therapies to address specific needs of a particular person. 

For this sessions a combination of practices from different yoga lineages (breathwork, meditation, chanting, kriyas and postures) will be used alongside ayuverdic practices, sound and energy therapies and holistic health and wellness coaching. 

Benefits of Yoga therapy :

  • Each session is tailored to clients needs and they are all client led and client focused.

  • A personalized plan with daily practices that are suitable for the client will be designed.

  • Yoga therapy empowers and gives the client the skills and tools to help healing an ailment and achieve general wellbeing.

  • The therapist works with the individual as a whole including internal and external factors.

  •  All sessions are based on compassion and to support in improving clients attitude towards life.




In person  


Little Yogis

Yoga & Mindfulness activities for children
£10 per child (£5 siblings) 
Min (4 children)
2h per session

Mindfulness is a new special tool in children's education and development. It supports children in being more present and aware, helping them to better cope with their emotions and feelings. It improves their mental health and wellbeing in general. Yoga brings relaxation and this teaches them to stay calm and patient in challenging situations. With meditation, children become more focused, and have their memory and concentration improved. The most important point is that yoga teaches love, compassion, honesty and respect towards themselves and others. These are the values we wish our little ones to grow with.


Each class has its own theme and topic. I combine arts & crafts, singing and dancing, reading, and other games with loads of funny breathing exercises, physical stretches, and moments of quiet time.

(minimum 4 children; max 8 per session) 

  • Warm up (body movement / dancing)

  • Introduction & chat (topic session) 

  • Breathing & Stretches (asanas)

  • Quiet time game (meditation)

  • Arts & crafts

  • Snack time

  • Story or singing time


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