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We will walk side by side on your wellness journey.

My holistic coaching sessions are all designed to assist and support you in making deep changes and starting a new lifestyle journey.

We will work together in understanding and finding new suitable routes for your personal and spiritual well being.

My role is to guide and give you necessary and personalized tools for a healthier spiritual, mental and physical life style. Creating new habits and routines that will lead to self transformation, personal growth and a happier you. All sessions are One on One, in person or online (via Skype/ whatsapp/Messenger)

First Assessment

FREE Evaluation Assessment & Complimentary Call

This is the first assessment prepared. It is not mandatory but it helps in showing where you are and where you want to go. You will be able to talk about yourself in a short life assessment. A form will be given and a complimentary 20-minute call will follow to discuss the results. 
                                                                           This session is completely free.

Consultation session

Your Session

This is the first formal session provided. This is all about your goals, dreams, future plans, insecurities, worries, and projects. The current situation will be evaluated and I will be giving you tools to empower yourself, acknowledge your capabilities, and project steps to achieve the desired goal.

Investment Fee: £40 /45min

1 Month Program

Walking your Path

This program is for everyone who wants to follow up after the consultation session and feel the need to commit to a longer and more detailed program. 
You will be able to work on long term projects, define priorities, and find holistic paths to achieve your goals. 
I will support and assist you in a 60-minute session every week for 4 weeks. I will provide mentoring and all the necessary strategies for your personal and fulfilling growth.

Investment Fee : £185

6 Month Program

Commitment to be YOU

This package is designed for everyone determined to OWN their life and dreams. We will continue working together in order to reach your desired goal. We will have a 60 minute session every week for 6 months to discuss your progress, and make additional and sustainable changes to improve your lifestyle and general well-being. Working holistically and intuitively, every step in this journey will be designed just for YOU based on your own individual needs.

Investment Fee: £800

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